TG-A® - TalentGarden-Assessment ®

The focus on talent management and development has led TalentSeed to develop an innovative assessment tool, which aims to enable companies to get to know better, not only their employees, but also the candidates: the TalentGarden Assessment® (TG-A®).

This is a quick test, in which the respondent is asked to select from a sample of words, the ones with which he most identifies with. Soon after the submission of the test, a report will be automatically drawn based on profiles - more or less predominant, which result in outputs useful for the company and its success in the relationship with the respondent, who can be both a candidate for the company and an employee.

The TG-A® is a test that allows, through the measurement of personal attributes and traits related to work, to quickly trace the profile of the respondent, namely in relation to:

Value for organization

What Needs to Be a Top Performer

Relationship with others

Possible fears or difficulties

In which contexts is TG-A® used?

TG-A® can be used in a variety of contexts. Some examples of its usage are:

To evaluate future collaborators. All TalentSeed candidates are evaluated by TG-A®.

Performance Evaluation
To carry out a periodic evaluation of its employees and to verify their evolution.

Training/ Team Building
To create collective self-knowledge dynamics.

Creation of Reference Profiles
TG-A® can be used to create reference profiles by function or by team.

Increased Knowledge
It allows to understand how the individual responds to conflict, what motivates him and what causes him stress.

What is TG-A® based on?

From the beginning of the twentieth century, numerous researchers in the field of psychology try to elaborate proposals that describe and categorize the types of existing personalities, through the combination of complex variables that distinguish them. From these investigations several theories arise, such as: - "The Collected Works - Psychological Types Volume 6", in 1921, by C.G. Jung; - "Meet Yourself Using the Personality Paint Box" (1926) and "Up From Barbarism" (1928) by Katharine Cook Briggs and which gave rise to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); - "Emotions of Normal People" in 1928 by William Moulton Marston, where it is assumed that the behavioral expression of emotions could be categorized into four main types, arising from the person's perceptions of their environment, such as dominance, influence, stability and conscientiousness."

What is the TG-A®?

TG-A® is a fast-paced, behavioral-based assessment tool where the user is asked to select a sample of words in which it identify the most in a professional context.
After submitting the test, a profile-based report will automatically be drawn, resulting in outputs (in the form of graphs and statements) useful to the company and to the success of the relationship with the person.

Can I use TG-A®?

TG-A® was created in 2017 with an Alpha version immediately launched for TalentSeed candidates. During that year, advanced investigations and tests were conducted to ensure confidence in the instrument and its improvement. In 2018 the desired results were achieved with a high degree of confidence and thus TG-A® is now available for customers in a non-commercial version.

How to take the TG-A®?

For more information, if you are interested in using TG-A® in your company, you should send an email to , so you can get more information about using it.


The accesses necessary to access the TG-A® will be carried out by one of the collaborators of TalentSeed, who will send you their credentials.


You will then have to access the following link, using the credentials you received:


Follow the instructions on the website, submitting your test.

Advantages of TG-A®

TG-A® is a very useful assessment tool for companies to get to know the respondent better (who may be a candidate for a position or an employee of the company).
In addition, it has many other advantages over other forms of assessment in the market. Some examples of its advantages are:


Filling the TG-A® takes only 5 minutes.


The cost of TG-A® is low compared to the rest of the market.


If in doubt, the TalentSeed team is ready to help.


It can be done on any device, anywhere, anytime.


By knowing the candidate/employee better, it will be easier to integrate it.

Distribution of TG-A® Profiles by Areas of Employment

Based on the sample of TalentSeed (about 14018, candidates), the distribution of the main TG-A® profiles by target areas of employment is presented below.