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In order for talent to grow in your company, you have to choose the right seed!

Talent Solutions Management

We help clients to identify and recruit the best "Talent Seeds" for their business. Our team specializes in the most diverse market sectors, whether working in partnership with our clients in order to meet their needs, or through a proactive relationship with our customers, identifying the "Seeds of Talent" with greater potential in the sector. We want to help our candidates and clients grow, building teams of excellence. Contact us so we can assist with your Talent needs!

Ads Placement
We place ads on recruitment platforms and promote them on specialized channels.

We supervise the process to grow the "talent seeds" in your company.

"Talent Seeds"
We do several interviews and tests to identify the "talent seeds" appropriate for your company.

TalentSeed - About us:

TalentSeed aims to help its clients in Talent Management.
Being TalentSeed means having in your genetic code the words "Talent" and "Seed".

We have created for our Clients talent management solutions that allow us to plant and grow "Talent Seeds".

Our team is composed of multidisciplinary elements that have extensive experience with Talent Management solutions, online and offline, as well as in the development of web platforms with only one purpose: to capture the best talent!

We are looking for true Talents...

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TG-A® - TalentGarden-Assessment ®

The focus on talent management and development has led TalentSeed to develop an innovative assessment tool, which aims to enable companies to get to know better, not only their employees, but also the candidates: the TalentGarden Assessment® (TG-A®).

This is a quick test, in which the respondent is asked to select from a sample of words, the ones with which he most identifies with. Soon after the submission of the test, a report will be automatically drawn based on profiles - more or less predominant, which result in outputs useful for the company and its success in the relationship with the respondent, who can be both a candidate for the company and an employee.

The TG-A® is a test that allows, through the measurement of personal attributes and traits related to work, to quickly trace the profile of the respondent, namely in relation to:

Value for organization

What Needs to Be a Top Performer

Relationship with others

Possible fears or difficulties

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